Steel – Same (1971)

FrontCover1 Very good bluesy/hard rock American quintet band of mixed racial composition (with three black and two white musicians), they went, almost totally unnoticed….
Released in 1971, only one album Label: Epic / Douglas KE 30875 (just a pity it LP is so short 33 minutes) and one single ‘Never On A Sunday’ / ‘Rosie Lee’ (Epic 10 753) In the same year, formation Steel close down activities and disbanded itself. After the collapse of keyboardist Duane Hitchings went to Cactus. ..Jerry Norris and Roland Robinson also joined Hitchings on ‘Son Of Cactus’

Really upbeat album with heavy licks and progressive hard rock sound. Features Duane Hitchings on keyboards who played with Rod Stewart, Kim Carnes and Steve Perry Steel2among many others,the music is heavy and clean, combining a soul singer with a groovy hardrock band, what i mean is that it is not noisy, the songs all are melodious the fact was that the musicians were all very talented…excellent bassplayer (Roland Robinson) who worked as a studiobassplayer in the 60s for the STAX label, played on Hendrix “Nine To The Universe” album.

LP in the style of Mountain. A little dirty, and without any frills, but obviously from the heart. For the most part is quite suitable for video sequences with terrible bearded guy on the Harley – the names of songs ‘Driving Wheel’and ‘Road Runner’ speak for themselves,’Merry Go Round’, i remember the guitar intro is simply beautiful, ..a very unique arrangement on the song. A blast of thundering Hard Rock at its best. Yep, very interesting stuff, quite good melodies and surprising sound of course on LP Vinyl in great condition (don’t think they release it on CD.) (by adamus67)

Believe me: This album is a killer ! Criminally underrated … what a shame !

Steve Busfield (guitar, slide guitar, vocals)
Duane Hutchings (keyboards)
Roland Robinson (bass, vocals)
Jerry Norris (drums, vocals)
Carl Sims (vocals)

01. Eye To Eye (Hitchings) 2.22
02. Never On A Monday (Hitchings) 3.04
03. Road Runner (Holland/Dozier/Holland) 2.54
04. Merry Go Round (Robinson) 3.12
05. Maybe (Hitchings) 2.43
06. Can`t Watch One Hand (Robinson) 3.35
07. Rosie Lee (Robinson) 2.28
08. Loving You (Hitchings) 3.00
09. Driving Wheel (King/Taub) 5.03
10. To You Who Are Watching (Robinson) 4.58