Little John – Up And Down (1970)

FrontCover1Little John is a band from Oakland, California. Oakland is truly an experience-similar to the experience of Newark, East St. Louis or Philadelphia. Living in the urban nothingness of Oakland has done much to shape Little John’s music. Their music is not about living in the city; it comes from living in the city.

All stages of time exist openly in the city, and Little John’s music is reliant on the past, aware of today and curious about the future. Full of the drive, clamor, brashness, sadness and elation of the city, it is serious music, without any unnecessary trappings. And, Little John is serious musicians and serious people. They want you to listen to the album-in sequence, please-and if you like them-beautiful-buy their next album. Besides, they could use the money. (taken from the original liner-notes written by the producer of this album)
Ironically this was their second and last album !
This group isnot to be confused with the reggae Little John, this was actually a band (from Oakland, CA) rather than a person. Their single cruelly shortened from 7 minutes plus to a mere 2:17.
This is a typical Jazz-Rock” album from the early Seventies and if you like group like “Chicago” or “Blood, Sweat & Tears” …than you should listen to this album … it´s a superb Jazz-Rock album !
John Hart (guitar, vocals)
Mike Pia (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Sal Saccardo (drums, percussion, vocals)
Lex Boyd Silva (bass)
Vince Wallace  (saxophone)


01. Lonely Years (Hart) 3.08
02. Grey-Blue (Pia) 2.50
03. Up And Down (Pia) 7.00
04. Wood Grain Alcohol (Hart) 4.09
05. Bombay Calling (Wallace) 3.22
06. Whirled Piece (Hart) 4.15
07. New Day/It Appears To Be (Pia) 8.54
08. Up And Down (single version) (Pia) 2.17