Mark Merritt – Better Left Unsaid … (2003)

FrontCover1.jpgOh yes, the many sides of Mark Merritt:

Mark was born in Virginia, raised in North Carolina and finished high school in Tennessee–a true “wild-eyed southern boy”. His musical background started when he was twelve years old, playing clarinet and saxophone in school bands. At the age of fifteen, Mark started playing guitar and singing. After high school, Mark spent twelve years playing with military bands in Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States. Mark has also played several concerts backing “The Temptations”.
Mark has had a successful career playing in Bands and performing solo for the last 33 years. Mark has worked with (and also led his own) big-bands, Jazz combos, country and rock bands covering almost all genres of music.
In 1996, Mark started his publishing company, Choo-Choo Seven Musik u. Verlag. In 2009 Mark took over an independent record label and soon found himself owning 4 labels (Amazing Records, Castle Road Records, Blade Records, Country Lane Records). Mark has recently combined the labels under Castle Road Records.
Mark also continues to perform himself and has released to date 7 Solo CD´s, 1 Duo CD (mit Sievert Ahrend), 1 Band CD (Mark Merritt Band; mit Sievert Ahrend und Thomas Merritt).


Although Mark’s musical background is firmly routed in country music, his stage show includes songs from groups like The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Billy Joel, with a little R&B and folk thrown in as well. Even though Mark has had a successful career working with bands (mostly playing guitar and singing) for over fifteen years, the last several years have brought about a gradual rise in popularity for his work as a solo performer.

During 1997, Mark worked with the band “Fiedel Joe & Co.”, a popular German country band from Westerwald. There he met the guitarist Christoph Schmitt and formed the duo “Mark Meets Chris”. They toured Germany together throughout 1998.

In 1999, Mark teamed up with Sievert Ahrend (Pedal Steel guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle) and Stephen Ferron (Bass Guitar) to Form the Mark Merritt Duo/Trio. They have been performing together ever since. Lately, they have also added Mark’s son Thomas (Drums) for several gigs.


In 2001, Mark’s career as musician took a different route when he started teaching clarinet and saxophone for the
music school in Kirn, Germany. Since 2004, Mark has led the big band from the Stadtmauer High School in Bad Kreuznach
and had a 2-year stint conducting a concert band in a local Jr. High School in Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg.
Mark also worked as a substitute teacher at the high school in Kirn over a six-month time span.

Mark also currently works in the high school in Bad Sobernheim teaching music and working with beginner and
intermediate bands as well as conducting a Jr. big band; and is teaching music in the Jr. high school in Kirn.


Mark conducted the town bands in Daxweiler and Hueffelsheim for several years and is currently conductor for the
town band in Feilbingert; where he also conducts the youth orchester.Music Teacher (taken from his website)

And I bought this CD in 2005 after a gret gig in a pub in Stuttgart/Germany … this is one of his erlier recordings and you´ll hear fucking good Country music … this man knows how to play this music, believe me !


Alternate frontcover

Mark Merritt (guitar, vocals)
a bunchof unknown studio musicians


01. The Still 3.36
02. For Everything You Do 3.22
03. She Deserves Better 2.51
04. She Needs A Love 3.32
05. Cowboy 3.48
06. My Turn 3.53
07. It Snowed On Easter Sunday 3.56
08. Nothing But The Radio On 3.01
09. Standing On The Moon 2.45
10. Better Left Unsaid 3.30