Shanghaid Guts – Life Ain´t Nothing But A Joke (1995)

FrontCover1Well, this world´s a bad place…when it come to music. If you see, how successful bands get, which only know how to play one chord, and on the other side, bands who put their heart into the music fall apart. Shanghai´d Guts had been one of the most underrated bands from Hamburg/Germany….maybe on the wrong place at the wrong time, but it still puts a big smile to my face, when I listen to their music 🙂

When the hairspray/glam – metal peaked in the US, these boys from Hamburg/Germany jumped the train and released an album, which unfortunately came a little bit too late and didn´t got the recognition it deserved.(Mr. Lapo)

This is their second album and it´s really a great one ! If you like the Black Crows them check out this German band Shanghai’d Guts they have listed the Crowes as one of their influences on their myspace profile and I think it’s obvious by their sound. Listen and decide for yourself !

Markus Glossner (keyboards)
Rudiger Hensel (drums)
Kim Kiesling (bass)
Axel Kraft (guitar, background vocals)
Stefan Kraft (vocals, harmonica)
Yogi (percussion)

01. Out Of Tune (Preuss/A.Kraft) 3.39
02. Don’t Need You (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 4.11
03. I Can’t Stand It No More (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 4.38
04. I’m Sane (Preuss/A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 3.29
05. Life Ain’t Nothing But A Joke (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 5.53
06. Poor People (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 4.10
07. Paradise (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 4.03
08. Words To Hurt Me (A.Kraft) 4.14
09. Catch My Fall (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 5.51
10. I Get High On You (A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 5.47
11. Lie Angel (A.Kraft) 3.14
12. Suck My Pain (Preuss/A.Kraft/S.Kraft) 2.28