Spain – The Soul Of Spain (2012)

FrontCover1Spain are a band from New York.
Spain are not from Spain.
Spain are led by vocalist and bass player Josh Haden.
Spain also currently contain fellow musicians Daniel Brummel on guitars and vocals, Randy Kirk on piano and keyboards, and Matt Mayhall on drums.
Spain released three albums between 1995 and 2001: The Blue Moods Of Spain, She Haunts My Dreams, and I Believe.
Spain have finally released a new album called The Soul Of Spain.
Spain are a jazz and blues influenced Americana band who have flown under the radar for far too long and who have never released a duff song.
Spain had one of their songs covered by Johnny Cash for his Unchained album.
Spain are still unknown.
Spain are magnificent.
Need more?
JoshHadenThis album is an utter joy from beginning to end. Relaxed, mellow, oozing with class and completely flawless, it’s rare for any album in the modern age to be so obviously made to listen to in one whole sitting. There’s not an ounce of chaff on here – it’s impossible to break up into single tracks or, god forbid, downloads. That’s probably why you won’t find it on Spotify. Each track is a mini masterpiece that in an ideal world, would be national anthems across the globe. Opening with “Only One” the album sets it’s stall out early. This is music you need to sit down and commit to – music to put your headphones on and lie back to. Proper music. Hushed drums, delicately strummed guitar and – most importantly – Haden’s deep, fluid bass lines. The son of a jazz musician, Haden knows the importance of space and refinement in music – it’s all over this album like a rash. Lyrically, the album concerns itself with the big themes: love, lost love, the lack of love, with faith and death thrown in for good measure. “Without A Sound”, “All I Can Give”, “Walked On The Water” and “Sevenfold” all follow the same template as the first track: sedate, moody and reflective. They can rock too – “Miracle Man” and especially the superb “Without A Sound” cranking up the amps and letting go. It’s a beautiful album and I’ve listened to it more than any other over the last year – that’s why it’s number one in our list.
Stunning, stunning and thrice stunning.
Key Tracks: All of them. Every single last one… (by Rama and Simon)

Daniel Brummel (guitar, vocals on 11., singing bowls)
Josh Haden (bass, vocals on 10.)
Matt Mayhall (drums, percussion)
Randy Kirk (keyboards, guitar)
Ezra Buchla (viola on 06.)
Tanya Haden (cello on 07.)
Petra Haden (violin on 06. + 07., vocals on 10.)
Rachel Haden (vocals on 01.)
Ihui Wu (vocals on 11.)

01. Only One (J.Haden) 5.44
02. Without A Sound (J.Haden) 5.03
03. Because Your Love (J.Haden) 3.39
04. I’m Still Free (J.Haden) 4.19
05. I Love You (J.Haden) 6.06
06. All I Can Give (Brummel) 5.42
07. Walked On The Water (J.Haden) 4.37
08. Sevenfold (Kirk) 4.36
09. Miracle Man (J.Haden) 3.54
10. Falling (J.Haden) 5.52
11. Hand Your Head Down Low (J.Haden) 6.16