Sydney Bechet – Summertime (2000)

FrontCover1Such an extraordinary and marvellous destiny was traced for this pioneer of jazz who, during the last ten years of his life, became a prominent star in France on a par with the celebrities of song. The life of Sidney Bechet, of New Orleans birth, is comparable to a fairy tale with certain episodes extracted from gloomier literature. His teenage debut in his home town, the encounter with the first legends, Freddie Keppard, Bunk Johnson, King Oliver and then very rapidly, curiosity and crazy ambition drew him to Europe for the first time in 1919. “How moving it was to meet this fat black boy, who is really pleased that his music is appreciated, but who cannot say anything of his art, apart from that he is following his ‘own way’, and when you think that this ‘own way’ is perhaps the wide avenue which will engulf the world tomorrow”, wrote the classical conductor Ernest Ansermet.

After an unfortunate shooting scrape in 1928 in Paris’ Pigalle district then some needy moments in New York where he sold and patched worn clothes, he continued to follow this regal route with pride and steadfastness, forever coming over as a powerfully lyrical soloist irresistible to all who heard him and as the most prominent specialist of the soprano saxophone. His true glory lay in delighting both the pure fanatics as well as the millions of lightsome young dames who, lost in a reverie, danced to his music. (Claude Carrière)

Bernard Addison (guitar)
Rudolph Adler (saxophone)
Christian Azzi (piano)
Danny Barker (guitar)
Everett Barksdale (guitar)
Sidney Bechet (clarinet, saxophone)
Eddie Bernard (piano)
Roland Bianchiani (bass)
Dave Bowman (piano)
Wellman Braud (bass)
Clarence Brereton (trumpet)
Harry Brooks (piano)
Ernie Caceres (saxophone)
Sidney Catlett (drums)
Kenny Clarke (drums)
Bill Coleman (trumpet)
Tony Colucci (guitar)
Pierre Dervaux (trumpet)
Vic Dickenson (trombone)
Warren “Baby” Dodds (drums)
Don Donaldson (piano)
Jack Epstein (trombone)
Alfie Evans (clarinet)
George “Pops” Foster (bass)
François “Moustache” Galépidès (drums)
Johnny Glasel (cornet)
Fank “Big Boy” Goodie (saxophone)
Henry Goodwin (trumpet)
Earl Hines (piano)
Art Hodes (piano)
Charles Howard (guitar)
Cliff Jackson (piano)
Mario Janarro (piano)
Jimmy Jones (bass)
Manzie Johnson (drums)
Mowgli Jospin (trombone)
Max Kaminsky (trumpet)
Wilbert Kirk (drums)
Henry “Hot Lips” Levine (trumpet)
Nat Levine (drums)
Charles Lewis (piano)
John Lindsay (bass)
George Lugg (trombone)
Claude Luter (clarinet)
Pierre Michelot (bass)
Bob Mielke (trombone)
Jimmy Miller (guitar)
Freddie Moore (drums)
Wilson Myers (bass)
Harry Patent (bass)
Sidney De Paris (trumpet)
Claude Philippe (banjo)
Charlie Shavers (trumpet)
Zutty Singleton (drums)
Willie “The Lion” Smith (piano)
Rex Stewart (cornet)
Danny Strong (drums)
Charlie Treager (bass)
Henry Turner (bass)
Leonard Ware (guitar)
Dick Wellstood (piano)
Gil White (saxophone, clarinet)
Sonny White (piano)
Bob Wilber (clarinet)
Sandy Williams (trombone)
Ernest Williamson (bass)

(see booklet for details)


01. Indian Summer (Dublin/Herbert)  3.06
02. Shake It And Break It (FriscoeClark) 2.54
03. Blues In Thirds (Hines) 2.56
04. Jungle Drums (Singleton/Bechet) 2.28
05.  Mon Homme (My Man) (Willemetz/Maurice) 2.58
06. Muskrat Ramble (Edward)  2.49
07. American Rhythm (Bechet) 2.51
08. What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter) 3.33
09. After You’ve Gone (Creamer/Layton) 2.28
10. Kansas City Man Blues (Williams/Johnson)     2:41
11.  Stompy Jones (Ellington) 2.48
12.  Blues In The Air (Bechet) 2.45
13. Les Oignons (Bechet) 2.42
14. Bechet Creole Blues (Bechet) 3.03
15. Rose Room (Williams/Hickman) 2.36
16. High Society (Steele) 3.33
17.  Margie (Davis/C.Conrad/J.R.Robinson) 2.25
18. St. Louis Blues (William) 3.04
19. Summertime (Radio broadcast) (Du Bose – Gerschwin) 2.54
20. When The Sun Sets Down South (Bechet) 3.10
21. Georgia Cabin (Bechet) 2.58
22. Twelfth Street Rag (Razaf/Bowman) 3.00