Barbara Streisand – Superman (1977)

FrontCover1.JPGSuperman (1977) is the nineteenth studio album by American singer Barbra Streisand.

The single “My Heart Belongs to Me” became a hit in 1977, peaking at #4 on the US pop chart.

The album peaked at number 3 on the Top 200 LP Billboard album chart and on the UK Albums Chart at number 32. It has sold 2 million copies in United States and was certified 2× Platinum.

Two songs were written for the movie A Star Is Born but not used in the picture —”Answer Me” by Streisand, Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher; and “Lullaby For Myself” by Rupert Holmes. (by wikipedia)

Although it is merely a pastiche of songs, including two outtakes from A Star Is Born, Streisand Superman is clearly the best album Streisand has made in some time, possibly the best since Stoney End. While it lacks any kind of focus and occasionally disintegrates into a shopping-mall arrangement such as “I Found You Love,” Superman is ample evidence that Streisand actually can get away with singing whatever she chooses. (A Star Is Born was sufficient proof that she could succeed with absolute trash.)

The most remarkable track is “Don’t Believe What You Read,” which is nothing less than a flat-out rock song, written by Ron Nagle and Scott Mathews with Streisand, and given a superb arrangement by Jack Nitzsche. It’s driven by a fuzz-tone guitar, huge drums and Streisand’s vocal, which is derived, I think, from Stevie Nicks. This is the most modern track she’s ever done and, aside from Pete Townshend’s “They Are All in Love,” the only successful attack on the press any songwriter has been able to come up with. (It helps that Streisand, like Townshend, is attacking gossips rather than critics.) Nagle, a vastly underrated songwriter, has also turned in a terrific look at working-class marriage as a trap in “Cabin Fever,” which gets a similarly modern treatment and ranks with the best things here.


Most of the rest is given over to the typical ballads, which, as usual, rise and fall on the strengths of their arrangements. Streisand still resorts to mannerisms (her phrasing is suffering from a case of arrested development, except on the two songs above) but the material is chosen skillfully enough to transcend that. Still, on the basis of “Don’t Believe,” “Cabin Fever” and the bluesy treatment of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” it would be interesting to hear her work with a rock-oriented producer—Peter Asher, perhaps. (Dava Marsh, Rolling Stone No. 245)

And we hear musicians like Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Harvey Mason, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Lee Ritenour and Fred Tackett amongst others.

And her version of the Billy Joel hymn “New York State Of Mind” is a real great one !


Barbra Streisand (vocals)
Israel Baker (violin)
Harry Bluestone (violin)
Mike Boddicker (keyboards, synthesizer)
Alan Broadbent (piano)
Dennis Budimir (guitar)
Larry Carlton (guitar)
Gary Coleman (percussion)
Robben Ford (guitar)
David Foster (keyboards)
Jay Graydon (guitar)
Ed Greene (drums)
Ralph Grierson (keyboards)
Plas Johnson (saxophone)
Harvey Mason (drums)
Scott Mathews (drums)
Lincoln Mayorga (piano)
Mike Melvoin (piano)
David Paich (keyboards)
Steve Paietta (accordion)
Jeff Porcaro (drums, percussion)
Reine Press (bass)
Emil Richards (vibraphone, percussion)
Lee Ritenour (guitar)
Fred Tackett (guitar)
Tommy Tedesco (guitar)
Gayle LeVant (harp)
David Wolfert (guitar)
background vocals:
Augie Johnson – Clydie King – Jim Gilstrap – John Lehman – Julia Tillman Waters – Venetta Fields

01. Superman (Snyder) 2.48
02. Don’t Believe What You Read (Streisand/Nagle/Mathews) 3.33
03. Baby Me Baby (Miller) 4.21
04. I Found You Love (Gordon) 3.47
05. Answer Me (Streisand/Williams/Ascher) 3.14
06. My Heart Belongs To Me (Gordon) 3.21
07. Cabin Fever (Nagle) 3.10
08. Love Comes From Unexpected Places (Carnes/Ellingson) 4.11
09. New York State Of Mind (Joel) 4.40
10. Lullaby For Myself (Holmes) 3.16



And here´s another version of “New York State Of Mind” (feat. Billy Joel) from 2014:

Barbara Streisand – Guilty (1980)

FrontCover1The biggest selling album of Barbra Streisand’s career is also one of her least characteristic. The album was written and produced by Barry Gibb in association with his brothers and the producers of the Bee Gees, and in essence it sounds like a post-Saturday Night Fever Bee Gees album with vocals by Streisand. Gibb adapted his usual style somewhat, especially in slowing the tempos and leaving more room for the vocal, but his melodic style and the backup vocals, even when they are not sung by the Bee Gees, are typical of them. Still, the record was more hybrid than compromise, and the chart-topping single “Woman in Love” has a sinuous feel that is both right for Streisand and new for her. Other hits were the title song and “What Kind of Fool,” both duets with Gibb. (The song “Guilty” won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal by Duo or Group.) (by William Ruhlmann)

And no, this is not my kind my music, but this blog is called “Many Fantastic Colors”, you know.


George Bitzer (synthesizer on 05., 07. + 08.)
Dan Bonsanti (saxophone on 04. + 09.)
Neal Bonsanti (saxophone on 04. + 09.)
Dennis Bryon (drums on 07.)
Pete Carr (guitar on 02., 06. + 09.)
Harold Cowart (bass)
Cornell Dupree (guitar on 01., 08. + 09.)
Ken Faulk (tracks: A4, B1, B2, B4)
Russ Freeland (trombone on 06.)
Steve Gadd (drums)
Barry Gibb (vocals, guitar on 01. + 06.)
Peter Graves  (trombone on  04., 06., 07. + 09.)
David Hungate (bass on 08.)
Mike Katz (trombone on 06.)
Joe Lala (percussion)
Bernard Lupe (drums on 02., 06. + 07.)
Brett Murphey (trumpet on  04., 06., 07. + 09.)
Jerry Peel (french horn on 02., 03.)
Lee Ritenour (guitar on 04. + 07.)
Whit Sidner (saxophone on 04. + 09.)
Barbara Steisand (vocals)
Richard Tee (piano, synthesizer, clavinet)
George Terry (guitar on 01., 03., 04., 08. + 09.)
Background vocals:
Denise Maynelli – Marti McCall – Myrna Mathews

01. Guilty (B.Gibb/R.Gibb/M.Gibb) 4.24
02. Woman In Love (B.Gibb/R.Gibb) 3.51
03. Run Wild (B.Gibb/R.Gibb) 4.06
04. Promises (B.Gibb/R.Gibb) 4.20
05. The Love Inside (B.Gibb) 5.07
06. What Kind Of Fool (Galuten/B.Gibb) 4.04
07. Life Story (B.Gibb/R.Gibb) 4.34
08. Never Give Up (Galuten/B.Gibb) 3.41
09. Make It Like A Memory (Galuten/B.Gibb) 7.28