Jon Kenzie – Not Much Technical Stuff (2011)

FrontCover1Jon Kenzie, is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK with his musical roots firmly footed in blues, folk and soul. From reaching No:1 iTunes blues chart position in 2010 with his Northern soul band “Beggar Joe”, Jon embarked on producing his debut solo album “Not much technical stuff” in 2011.

This is a solid debut release with some great stand out tracks including ‘Pacifist’, ‘Touch’ and my favourite because of the great riffs involved, ‘Tease Them’. This release has a great selection of songs which shows Jon’s awesome guitar skills and his great soulful tone.

What was it that made you want to become a musician?

JonKenzie2‘I’ve always played in bands from a young age ever since I began to learn how to play the blues.  I started making money from the gigs I played in small pubs around the south of England when I was just sixteen, which was probably the first time I realized it might be possible to make a living from music.  Even though I didn’t study music at school I managed to get on a BA music degree at Salford university and I’ve only done music ever since.  Music has always been one of the greatest joys in my life and I still feel very lucky to be able to make a living from it.’

Your music has a great soulful sound, what musicians influenced this sound?

‘I’ve played with many talented musicians over the years who have certainly influenced the way I perform today.  In terms of famous artists that I have taken influence from, I’ve always tended to listen to the old stuff, especially the blues, folk and soul. Musicians and singers such as ; Muddy Waters, BB King, Howling Wolf, Al Green, James Brown, John Martin, Bob Dylan, Sly and the Family Stone, Jeff Buckley, The Stones and the Beatles as well as many others have definitely inspired me along the way.’

Jon Kenzie (guitar, vocals, mandolin)
Eryl Roberts (drums, percussion)
Ben Williams (guitar)
Stevie Williams (bass)
Ben Casbell (cello on 01., 05., 07. + 10.)
Rioghnach Conolly (background vocals on 01., 05., 07. + 10.)
Sam Gray (violin on 01., 05. + 10.)
Harry Richardson (bass on 03.)
Justin Shearn (organ on 09.)

01. Half Pipe Dream (Kenzie) 4.34
02. Pasty Song (Kenzie/B.Williams) 3.54
03. Pacifist (Kenzie) 3.27
04. Save Us (Kenzie) 2.31
05. Lovers Wave (Kenzie/B.Williams) 3.23
06. Tease Them (Kenzie) 3.54
07. Touch (Kenzie) 4.55
08. Quick Tongue (Kenzie/B.Williams) 5.42
09. Temper Tensions (Kenzie) 04:15
10. Tunnel Eyes (Kenzie) 3.35