The Souvenir – Russian Folk Group (1994)

FrontCover1This ia a rare and very interesting low budget production.

Russian folk group The Souvenir is a prize-winner of many folk compettions and festivals.

The group repertoire includes Russian folk songs and tunes performed with a help of rare folk musical instruments.

The Souvenir group concertized with great acclaim in Holland, France, German, Spain, Canada and U.S.A.” (taken from the original liner-notes)

And I guess this little group is still alive and well in 2014 … as a trio:

“”The Souvenir” is a folk instrument trio. The three skillful musicians brilliantly perform folk compositions. Besides the accordion and balalaika, which are traditional for Russia, some rare and even exotic musical instruments are used by this group. You will be astonished to hear traditional Russian folk melodies, performed with objects not normally used for music-making. These amazing performances are full of humor and show high professional of musicians, their ability to transform simple things into real wonder.” (by

Eleanor Martynova (percussion)
Irene Matvienko (wooden wind, percussion, balalaika, vocals)
Gregory Matvienko (accordion, balalaika, saw, vocals)
Sergei Ulanksy (accordion, balalaika, vocals)

01.Kamarinskaya 1.53
02.Valenki (Feltboots) 1.55
03.Song Of Stenka Razin 4.00
04.Only Steppe Around Me 2.58
05.Melody On Birch-Tree Logs 2.16
06.Russian Terskiye Chastushki 1.48
07.Evening Chimes 3.44
08.The Moon Is Shining 1.09
09.Utushka 2.17
10.Korobushka 2.39
11.Katyusha 2.15
12.Melody For Russian Flute 1.46
13.Down the Murom Road 3.41
14.Russian Chastushki 2.15
15.Oh, My Birch-Tree 2.25
16.The Steppe Is Wast 3.39
17.Accordion’s Melody 4.04
18.My Sweetheart 1.55
19.Korobeiniki (Street-Vendors) 2.17
20.Her Eyes Are Dark 2.05
21.Unharness 3.10
22.Kalinka (Guelder-Rose) 2.32

All songs: Traditionals