Land & Synir – Herbergi 313 (1999)

FrontCover1This is the first time I can present a band … and what a band ! from Iceland …

The band Land og Synir was founded in 1997 in Hvolsvollur by few Southeners and two of them are still in the band, Hreimur Ö. Heimisson singer and Jón Guðfinnsson bassist.

The band had a hitter that summer with the song Vöðvastæltur which was extreamly popular. In the beginning of the year 1998 occured some personnel changes in Land & synir, Birgir Nielsen drummer and Gunnar Þ. Eggertsson, gitarist joined the band along with Dísellu Lárusdóttur wichc played trumpet and keyboard. But in April ´98 Dísella quit the band and Njáll Þórðarson took her place. (by

This is the second album of Land & Synir and it´s an album full of magic … a powerful, a peaceful album with a very unique sound … strong melodies and great vocals …

Iceland must be a great country !


Gunnar Þ. Eggertsson (guitar)
Jón Guðfinnsson (bass)
Hreimur Ö. Heimisson (vocals)
Birgir Nielsen (drums)
Njáll Þórðarson (keyboards)


01. Undraland (Heimisson/Eggertsson) 4.02
02. Allt Á Hreinu (Heimisson) 3.06
03. Freistingar (Heimisson) 3.50
04. Saga (Heimisson) 4.03
05. Örmagna (Heimisson/Eggertsson) 4.35
06. Lending 407 (Heimisson/Eggertsson/Guðfinnsson) 4.35
07. Eitthvað Nýtt (Heimisson/Guðfinnsson) 3.16
08. Hvað Er Að (Heimisson) 3.11
09. Stríð (Heimisson/Eggertsson) 3.36
10. Fordómar (Heimisson/Eggertsson) 4.49
11. Örmagna II (Heimisson/Eggertsson) 4.38