Kin Ping Meh – Virtues & Sins (1974)

KinPingMehSinsFCEven though this album is less phenomenal than the previous Kin Ping Meh 3,”Virtues & Sins” still represents what so called good hard rock music at the time.

The melody line at “Good Time Gracie” (3:31) is a good one to enjoy. My favorite track “Your’re a Liar” (7:25) represents a simple composition with good riffs and arrangement. This is the kind of track that I kept playing on air with the radio sattion that we had at that time.

The following “Night-Time Glider” (5:41) has powerful structure and excellent nuance. The album title track combines good melody and music harmony. It’s hard not to have this album if you already have the Kin Ping Meh 3.

It’s a good follow-up of previous album and considering this as rare album, you should have it in your collection. (by Gatot)

Uli Gross (guitar)
Geff Harrison (vocals)
Gerhard Mrozeck (guitar)
Fritz Schmitt (keyboards)
Kalle Weber (drums, percussion)
Alan Joe Wroe (bass)
Jean-Jacques Kravetz (organ on 06.)

01. Good Time Gracie (Mrozeck/Harrison/Wroe) 3.31
02. Your’re A Liar (Mrozeck/Harrison/Wroe) 7.25
03. Night-Time Glider (Mrozeck/Harrison/Wroe) 5.41
04. When Summer’s Gone (Mrozeck/Harrison/Wroe) 5.39
05. Whisky Flyer (Mrozeck/Harrison/Wroe) 5.46
06. Rich Kid Blues (Reid) 6.55
07. Living Your Lies (Mrozeck/Harrison/Wroe) 5.41
08. Virtue And Sins (Mrozeck/Schmitt/Weber/Harrison/Wroe) 4.27