Göteborg Wind Orchestra – And There Was Music (2011)

FrontCover1Göteborg Wind Orchestra (GWO) was original founded by the Gothenburg Tramline Music band in 1905. Today the Gothenburg Wind Orchestra represents one of Sweden´s few remaining professional wind ensembles and carries an international reputation.

GWO´s home venue is Gothenburg´s oldest secular building “The Crown House” (1654) where concerts are performed all year round. In addition, the orchestra tours the Gothenburg region, occasionally also abroad.

GWO´s repertoire is a mix of classical and jazz concerts, colourful collaborations with stars from entertainment and an array of productions for children, youngsters as well as for families. Several of our foremost soloists and artists from the different genres also make regular guest appearances in musical productions and there are long standing collaborations with some of Sweden´s most popular choirs and music educations and works extensively with children and youth.

The Crown House:


Alexander Hanson is one of the most requested conductors in Sweden and since 2005 he is the artistic leader and chief conductor of GWO.

In 2004, he concluded his conducting education with the highest degree at the world-renowned Sibelius Academy in Helsinki where he studied under professor Leif Segerstam. Since then, Alexander is frequently engaged by professional orchestras such as The Royal Philharmonic orchestra in Stockholm, Malmö Symphony Orchestra, The Göteborg Opera, The Band of the Swedish Navy, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra. (taken from the original liner-notes)

Alexander Hanson

Alexander Hanson

And this is one their many albums … a real brilliant mix of different styles of music … and if you like all these wind insruments you should listen to this album … enoy it !





01. Ambulatory Suite: I. Promenade (Walking theDog) (Gershwin) 2.22
02. Ambulatory Suite: II. March Of The Swiss Soldiers (Gershwin) 2.00
03. Ambulatory Suite: III. Fidgety Feet (Gershwin) 2.47
04. Grace (Jones/Lubbock) 5.51
05. The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke (Mercury) 2.27
06. The Awakening (Metheny/Mays) 8.30
07. Ack Varmeland du skona (Traditional) 4.53
08. Ur Folkvisesvit: No. 1. Ganglek fran Alvdalen (Traditional) 2.58
09. Ur Folkvisesvit: No. 2. Visa fran Rattvik (Traditional) 4.36
10. Ur Folkvisesvit: No. 7. Polska efter Hook-Olle (Traditional) 4.00
11. Hunting Wabbits 2 (A Bad Hare Day) (Goodwin) 4.40
12. Trumpet Concerto (James) 3.39
13. La Paloma (Iradiuer) 4.48
14. Balkan Blues (Fahlström) 2.25
15. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set (Jones/Salvador) 3.43
16. Fuga y Misterio (Piazzolla) 6.02
17. Stardust (Carmichael) 4.53
18. Riverdance (Whelan) 5.58




I will present more rare stuff from the Swedish music scene in the next weeks …