The Legends Of Jazz – Same (1973)

FrontCover1The title of this all-star group hast not been casually selected. Each of these illustriou gentlemen ois truly a living legend of jazz.

Their combined backgrounds total more than year of jazz activity !

Within their lifetime serveral oofThe Legens Of Jazz hve seen the spirited music of New Orleans move from the streets and riverboats to the ehalted concert stages of the world.

Paradoxically, this veteran group has been brought together by a young Englich drummer, Barry Martin, who is at least 40 years younger then his averae “dieman”. Despite his youth, Martyn looks back upon 15 years of intensive jazz productivity.

Listen to the exciting sound ofThe Legends Of Jazz. They display a fresh, tasteful approach to a music that reflects their own enduring achievments

Age certainly hast not dimmed their brilliance. Like fine wine mellowing oin a cask. The Legends Of Jazz adroitly demonstrate the true value of their vintage. (taken from the original liner notes)


So, enjoy another sentimental journey to the very early days of jazz from New Orleans, it´s a phantstic trip, believe me.

It´s up to you !


Andrew Blakeney (trumpet, vocals on 10.)
Joe Darensbourg (clarinet)
Edward “Montudi” Garland (bass)
Barry Martyn (drums)
Alton Purnell (piano, vocals on 08.)
Louis Nelson (trombone)

01. Conti Street Parade (Purnell/Delay) 3.08
02. Out In The Cold Again (Bloom/Kohler) 3.59
03. Legends Boogie (Martyn) 4.27
04. Apex Blues (Hines/Noone/Poston) 4.23
05. Down Among The Sheltering Palms (Olman/Rockman) 3.52
06. Lou-Easy-An-I-A (Darensbourg) 4.27
07. Just A Little While To Stay (Traditional) 3.35
08. Old Man Mose (Armstrong/Randolph) 2.26
09. Red Man Blues (Piron) 2.29
10. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (Delange/Alter) 4.53