Various Artists – The Many Faces Of The Rolling Stones (2015)

FrontCover1This is a great sampler from Mexico !

The Rolling Stones have become the reincarnation of rock itself, being the representation, both musically and in terms of image and behavior, what rock & roll represents. In The Many Faces Of The Rolling Stones, we will highlight their side-projects, their roots, their favorite songs and even a brand new song, which becomes and event in itself, for all the Stones’ fans around the world. The idea sounds wonderful right?. Well, The Many Faces Of The Rolling Stones will meet the expectations of even the most demanding Stones fan. We have a lost recording by Leslie West (Mountain’s guitarist) with Mick Jagger playing guitar, a duet by Keith Richards with Ian McLagan (Faces’ keyboardist), and also the hard-to-find single versions of Bill Wyman’s solo hits.

Also we have Mick Jagger and Keith Richards all time favorite songs (handpicked by themselves), and an extremely rare track titled Catch As Catch Can, that was released only in a limited edition in France as a 7″ and never previously available on CD single, by musician and producer Robin Millar (Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Sade) recorded in 1973 along with Mick Taylor, Bobby Keys and Mick Jagger!!!.

Finally, we have the originals versions of the best songs the Stones covered during his long and illustrious career. This is a marvelous project that with remastered sound, beautiful cover art extended liner notes is an essential addition to your collection. (promo text)

Yes, yes, yes … a real great and intersting Project … Listen and discover the many faces of The Rolling Stones !


CD 1:
The Adventures Of The Stones:
01. Leslie West feat. Mick Jagger:High Roller (Jagger/Richards/Laing/Palmer) 4.13
02. Ron Wood & Ian McLagan: She Stole It (McLagan) 3.45
03. Bill Wyman: Monkey Grip (single edition) (Wyman) 3.17
04. Ian McLagan & Keith Richards: Truly (McLagan) 5.58
05. Toots & The Maytals feat. Keith Richards:- Careless Ethiopians (Hibbert) 3.22
06. Ron Wood & The Jones Gang: Had Me A Real Good Time (Lane/Wood) 4.45
07. Ian McLagan feat. Bobby Keys: Somebody (McLagan) 3.00
08 .British Invasion All-Stars feat. Dick Taylor: Gimme Some Loving (Winwood) 4.15
09. Bill  Wyman: (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star (single edit) (Wyman) 3.23
10. Robin Millar feat. Mick Taylor, Nicky Hopkins & Bobby Keys: Catch As Catch Can (Millar)  3.33
11. John Phillips feat. Mick Jagger, Mick Taylor & Keith Richards:- Zulu Warrior (Phillips/Jagger) 3.30
12. Ron Wood & The Jones Gang: Stay With Me (Wood/Stewart) 5.09
13. Chris Farlowe produced by Mick Jagger: Out Of Time (Jagger/Richards) 3.15
14. Johnny Winter: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards) 4.42
CD 2:
Mick & Keith’s Favourite Tracks:
01. Little Walter: I Go To Go (Walter)  2.41
02. Muddy Waters: Forty Days And Forty Nights (Roth) 2.50
03. Robert Johnson: Stones In My Passway (Johnson) 2.28
04. Ray Charles: Lonely Avenue (Pomus) 2.34
05. Z.Z. Hill: Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Grayson /Horton) 4.57
06. Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground) (Johnson) 3.20
07. Howlin’ Wolf: Forty Four (Burnett) 2.48
08. Jesse Fuller: Stagolee (Traditional) 3.44
09. Bill Broonzy: When Did You Leave Heaven (Bullock/Whiting) 3.29
10. Elmore James:- It Hurts Me Too (Red/James/London)  3.19
11. Little Walter: Key To The Highway (Segar) 2.45
12. Erna Franklin: Piece Of My Heart (Ragovoy/Berns) 2.38
13. Chuck Berry: Memphis (Berry) 2.14
14. Robert Johnson: 32-20 Blues (Johnson) 2.52
CD 3:
The  Originals:
01. Chuck Berry: Around And Around (Berry) 2.40
02. Larry Williams: She Said Yeah (Jackson/Williams) 1.50
03. Nat King Cole Trio: Route  66 (Troup) 3.01
04. Muddy Waters:  Just Want To Make Love To You (Dixon) 2.51
05. Howlin’ Wolf: Little Red Rooster (Burnett/Dixon) 2.26
06. Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away (Holly/Petty) 2.23
07. Jimmy  Reed: Honest I Do (Reed/Abner) 2.42
08. Dale Hawkins: Suzie Q (Hawkins/Lewis/Broadwater)  2.19
09. The Coasters: Poison Ivy (Leiber/Stoller) 2.42
10. Jim Harpo: I’m A King Bee (Harpo) 3.04
11. Robertt Johnson: Love In Vain (Johnson) 3.20
12. Bo Diddley: Mona (McDaniel) 3.39
13. Gene Allison: You Can Make It If You Try (Jarrett) 2.09
14. Eric Donaldson: Cherry Oh, Baby (Donaldson) 3.07



Bobby Keys & The Suffering Bastards – Buffalo (2012)

FrontCover1The Suffering Bastards are no run of the mill band… With Dan Baird, guitarist/founder of the Georgia Satellites and Brad Pemberton from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals on drums along with Robert Kearns (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Poco keyboardist Michael Webb and guitarist Chark Von Kinsolving, this is not just your average touring band but a group of pros, backing a man they know is responsible for some of the most revered sax lines in rock history.

Thanks to bigdaddybflo who recorded the show; and to Drgiggles1 for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

LiveBobby Keys & The Suffering Bastards at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne/Australia, March 26, 2014

Dan Baird (vocals, guitar)
Robert Kearns (bass)
Bobby Keys (saxophone)
Chark Von Kinsolving (guitar)
Brad Pemberton (drums)
Michael Webb (keyboards
Chark Von Kinsolving (guitar)


CD 1:
01. Pre-Show 3.00
02. Live With Me (Jagger/Richards) 5.00
03. The Letter (Thompson) 6.42
04. The Wanderer (Maresca) 3.58
05. Sweet Virginia (Jagger/Richards) 6.38
06. Harlem Nocturne (Hagen/Rogers) 8.04
07. You Look Like I Could Use A Drink (Dan Baird cover) 5:58 (10.0MB)
08. Brown Sugar (Jagger/Richards) 4.29

CD 2:
01. Pre Set 1.38
02. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Lennon) 4.14
03. Bitch (Jagger/Richards) 4.34
04. Soul Serenade (Ousley/Dixon) 19.18
05. What Is Life (Harrison cover) 5-36
06. Delta Lady (Russell) 4.40
07. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Jagger/Richards) 9.30
08. Happy (Jagger/Richards) 3.44


Bobby Keys – Same (1972)

FrontCover1This is the first and last solo album by sax-player Bobby Keys:

All-instrumental soul/funkrock/brassrock is what you get here. The horns dominate of course (with the focus being on Keys tenor sax soloing), but there are a lot of great chops from all the players. The songs get to where they all sound pretty similar though, so lack of variation has to be a strike against this. Very simplistic horn lines could be another issue if you are really into super involved and complex arrangements. Still, the playing is very enthusiastic, inspired, and downright powerful at times, so that alone makes this worth checking out (by music emporium)

BobbyKeysRolling Stones saxophonist Bobby Keys dies aged 70

The sax player had played with Buddy Holly, John Lennon and Eric Clapton during his 55 year career in rock’n’roll

Bobby Keys, who played saxophone with the Rolling Stones among others, has died aged 70.

The musician had been a fixture on the rock’n’roll scene since the age of 15, playing with the likes of Buddy Holly, John Lennon and Eric Clapton over the course of his career. His most famous work was for the Stones with whom his distinctive sax playing helped propel classic tracks such as Brown Sugar, along with much of their most acclaimed album Exile On Main Street.

“The Rolling Stones are devastated by the loss of their very dear friend and legendary saxophone player, Bobby Keys,” the band said in a statement. “Bobby made a unique musical contribution to the band since the 1960’s. He will be greatly missed.”

BobbyKeys2Bobby Keys takes an Exile on Main Street breather, Nellcote, France, 1971

Keith Richards said: “I have lost the largest pal in the world and I can’t express the sense of sadness I feel although Bobby would tell me to cheer up. My condolences to all that knew him and his love of music.”

Keys was born on the same day as Richards, and the pair struck up a lifelong friendship, with Richards giving over pages of his autobiography Life for Keys to tell the band’s story from his perspective. In that book, he describes the saxophonist as “my closest pal. A soul of rock and roll, a solid man, also a depraved maniac.”

Keys played during the band’s Glastonbury headline slot in 2013, although in October he was forced to pull out of dates in New Zealand and Australia citing poor health.

Even after such a lengthy career, Keys’s love of rock’n’roll remained undimmed. In an interview with The West Australian, shortly before pulling out of the tour, he said: “It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve played Brown Sugar, I never get tired of playing it.”

The cause of death is as yet unknown. (The Guardian, Dec 02, 2014)

BobbyKeys3Keith Richards, Charlie Watts + Bobby Keys

Jack Bruce (bass)
Charlie Freeman (guitar)
Jim Gordon (drums)
George Harrison (guitar)
Nicky Hopkins (keyboards)
Bobby Keys (saxophone)
Corky Laing (drums)
Dave Mason (uitar)
Felix Pappalardi (bass)
Jim Price (horn, keyboards)
Carl Radle (bass)
Ringo Starr (drums)
John Uribe (guitar)
Mike Utley (keyboards)
Klaus Voormann (bass)
Leslie West (guitar)

01. Steal From A King (Gordon/Mason/Price) 4.52
02. Smokefoot (Gordon/Price/Keys) 3.51
03. Bootleg (Axton/Dunn/Hayes/Jackson jr.) 3:45
04. Altar Rock (Pappalardi) 4.53
05. Key West (Keys/Pappalardi/Price/West) 3.54
06. Command Performance (Price) 4.11
07. Crispy Duck (Gordon/Mason/Price) 3.09
08. Sand & Foam (Gordon) 5.24

BobbyKeys4“The Early Years”; Tom Feldman, Bobby Keys & Don White