Randy Meisner – One More Song (1980)

FrontCover1One More Song is the second solo studio album by Randy Meisner. It was released in late 1980, on Epic in the United States, and in the United Kingdom. The album is to date Meisner’s most successful album as a solo artist, peaking at number 50, on the US Billboard 200 chart.

The single, “Deep Inside My Heart” featuring Kim Carnes, peaked at number 22 on the US Billboard 100, and the single “Hearts on Fire” peaked at number 19, three months later.

One More Song highlights Meisner’s knack for writing honest, heartfelt love songs with a countrified rock candor that reveals his rustic, down-home roots. With help from songwriter Eric Kaz, two of the album’s tracks found their way onto Billboard’s Top 40. “Deep Inside My Heart,” with backing from Kim Carnes made it to number 22, while “Hearts on Fire” reached the number 19 spot three months later. Both of these singles bask in the sweetness of laid-back AOR, but Meisner’s velvety voice and homespun innocence carried them above the insipidness of average radio schlock. The rest of the songs hold up just as solidly, especially the title track with both Don Henley and Glenn Frey contributing to the background vocals, not to mention Craig Hull’s lonely steel guitar playing. Closing out with Richie Furay’s rollicking “Anyway Bye Bye,” One More Song ends up being a pleasurable set of modest songs from a musician who was glad to be home. (by Mike DeGagne)

Bill Cuomo (synthesizer)
Don Francisco (percussion, vocals, background vocals)
Bryan Garofalo (bass)
Craig Hull (guitar, pedal steel, steel guitar)
Michael Jacobsen (saxophone)
Craig Krampf (drums)
Randy Meisner (vocals, guitar)
Sterling Smith (keyboards)
Wendy Waldman (guitar, vocals, background vocals)
Kim Carnes (vocals, background vocals)
Glenn Frey (vocals, background vocals)
Don Henley (vocals, background vocals)

01. Hearts On Fire (Kaz/Meisner) 2.48
02. Gotta Get Away (Kaz/Meisner/Waldman) 4.03
03. Come On Back To Me (Kaz/Meisner/Waldman) 3.51
04. Deep Inside My Heart (Kaz/Meisner) 3.29
05. Need You Bad (Kaz/Meisner/Waldman) 3.11
06. One More Song (Tempchin) 3.55
07. Trouble Ahead (Kaz/Meisner/Waldman) 4.12
08. White Shoes (Tempchin) 4.11
09. Anyway Bye Bye (Furay) 4.30