Luis Alberto Del Parana Y Los Paraguayos – The Paraguayos´Golden Hits (1962)

frontcover1Los Paraguayos is a music group consisting of musicians from Paraguay. Since its foundation in the 1950s, the group has featured many singers and musicians, playing guitars, bongo drums and a Paraguayan harp, including Luis Alberto del Paraná, Reynaldo Meza, Angel “Pato” Garcia and Carlos Espinoza. The group performs many South American and Mexican tunes and songs, including classics, such as Guantanamera, El Cóndor Pasa and La Bamba. Having had many changes in their line-up, the group has retained its popularity, selling many albums and appearing at many concerts throughout the world. In 2007, Los Paraguayos played a world tour, including appearances in The Netherlands and Israel.

Alberto y Los Trios Paraguayos was a trio from Paraguay formed by Luis Alberto del Paraná, with Digno García (1919-1984) and Agustín Barboza. They toured the UK in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and released a number of UK records in the 1960s. The band leader, del Paraná, died in England in 1974. (by wikipedia)


Original front+back cover

This is an early sampler (available over many years with different sleeve art and titles such as “Golden Hits” or “Greatest Hits”) with songs from this Paraguayan folk/Latin music group, recorded during the late Fifties and the early Sixties and if you like music from South America … get it !


Carlos Espinoza (guitar, vocals)
Angel “Pato” Garcia (harp, vocals)
Reynaldo Meza (guitar, vocals)
Luis Alberto del Paraná (guitar, vocals)


01. Malaguena (1961) (Ramirez/Galindo) 3.32
02. Cieliti Lindo (1957) (Mendoza/Reep) 2.38
03. Besame Mucho (1961) (Velazquez) 3.36
04. Historia De Un Amor (1958) (Almarán) 3.28
05. Ay, Ay, Ay (1961) (Freire) 3.36
06. Caminito (1961) (de Filiberto/Penaloza) 2.19
07. Maria Dolores (1961) (Garcia/Morcillo) 4.00
08. Mexico (1961) (Lopez/Vincy) 4.01
09. Amor, Amor (1962)  (Ruiz/Mendes) 3.15
10. La Cumparsita (1961) (Rodriguez/Marino/Conturai) 2.35
11. Pajaro Choqui (1962) (Pitaguá) 2.21
12. Me Voy Pa’l Pueblo (1961) (Valdés) 2.36




Front + backcover from the GDR (Amiga Records)


This is another highlight from the grey goose collection !