Various Artists – Christmas At Home (USAF) (1972)

FrontCover1.jpgThis is a very special Christalbum (I got it frm a reader of this blog) …. this was recorded and produced for the “United Staates Air Force” (ASAF)

This album was produced for the soldiers all over the world to gave them a warm Chritmas feeling … even they were far, far from home. This album is a sort of radio programme on vinyl.

On this album we here sentimental Christmas songs by famous Country stars from this time: Dottie West, Johnny Mathis, Jim Ed Brown and Roger Carroll.

LinerNotes.jpg“Programs with no message but the joys of the Holiday season” ???

We should never forget the MESSAGE of Christmas:

In the Vatican, Pope Francis delivered his Christmas message of peace and love. In a year where the world has seen much violence, and so many people have been displaced from their homes, the Pope’s message was especially significant. He reminded Christians everywhere to choose love over hate and to embrace the values of humility and simplicity. He spoke of how the world has become obsessed with gift-giving and feasting, instead of helping those less fortunate and living on the margins of society.  (by

For me ist the the hope of peace the main message … And it´s time again to think to all the man and woman, who lost their life in war … all over the world !

And: A warm handshake is not enough !



Featuring Jim Ed Brown with Dottie West:
01. Sgt. Perry Bullard: Intro 0.33
02. I’ll Be Home For Christmas 1.07
03. Hello Jim Ed 0.30
04. Jim Ed Brown: Christmas Song 1.51
05. Jim Ed Brown: Blue Christmas 2.21
06. Jim Ed Brown: The Christmas Story 3.04
07. Thank you Dottie West & Jim Ed Brown 0.20
08. Dottie West: White Christmas 2.40
09. Dottie, That’s A Beautiful Carol 0.15
10. Jim Ed Brown: Little Drummer Boy 2.34
11. You now, Jim Ed 0.21
12. Dottie West: Christmas Carol 2.49
13. Jim Ed Brown: Jingle Bells 2.38
14. Yes, Home Is Where The Heart Is 0.18
15. Jim Ed Brown: Silent Night

Featuring Johnny Mathis with Roger Carroll:
16. Roger Carroll: Intro 0.12
17. Johnny Mathis: The First Noel 3.36
18. Roger Carroll & Johnny Mathis: Interview (1) 0.49
19. Johnny Mathis: Silver Bells 3.28
20. Roger Carroll & Johnny Mathis: Interview (2) 1.13
21. Johnny Mathis: I’ll Be Home For Christmas 3.57
22. Roger Carroll & Johnny Mathis: Interview (3) 1.27
23. Johnny Mathis: The Christmas Song 4.10
24. Roger Carroll & Johnny Mathis: Interview (4) 1.41
25. Johnny Mathis: Silent Night 3.46
26. Roger Carroll & Johnny Mathis: Interview (5) 0.31




Peace on earth ?