Etta James – Stickin´ To My Guns (1990)

frontcover1Stickin’ to My Guns is the eighteenth studio album by Etta James, released in 1990.

Etta James is a little further along in her effort to come up with a more contemporary sound. Stickin’ to My Guns pays homage to James’s roots in that the lyrics are highly personal and blues oriented, but the accompaniment is completely contemporary. We’re talking about a nonstop dance party filled with house rockers like “Love to Burn” and turn-the-lights-down-low, slow-grind numbers like “Your Good Thing (Is About to End).” But to say that this album is blues, in the traditional sense of the word, is a bit of a stretch. If you’re looking for the Etta James of the Chess years, you’re bound to be disappointed. But if you check your preconceived notions at the door, you’re gonna have a good time. (by Bob J. Cohen)

Comtenporary-styled R&B effort that stays true to her roots. (by Bill Dahl)

All in all: it´s a very good album by one of the most greatest female blues singers ! And this album include a very fine version of “A Fool In Love ” one of the greatest Frankie Miller songs !


Barry Beckett (keyboards)
Gary Burnette (guitar)
Thomas Cain (background vocals)
Carol Chase (background vocals)
Ashley Cleveland (background vocals)
Def Jef (background vocals)
Qiutman Dennis (trombone)
Brother Gene Dinwiddle (saxophone)
Greg Donerson (percussion)
Dobie Gray (background vocals)
Jack Hale (trombone)
Roger Hawkins (drums)
Mike Haynes (trumpet)
Mabon “Teenie” Hodges (guitar)
Jim Horn (saxophone)
Etta James (vocals)
Mike Lawler (synthesizer)
Carl Marsh (programming, synthesizer)
Arik Marshall (guitar)
John Dewey McKnight (trombone)
Jonell Mosser (background vocals)
Leo Nocentelli (guitar)
David Patterson (saxophone)
Jim Pugh (keyboards)
Fernando Pullum (trumpet)
Danny Rhodes (guitar)
Michael Rhodes (bass)
Josh Sklair (guitar)
Bobby Vega (bass)
Jimmie Wood (harmonica)
Reggie Young (guitar)


01. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Whitsett/Penn/Lindsey) 3.48
02. Love To Burn (Reneau/Gra/Rector) 3.29
03. The Blues Don’t Care (James) 3.41
04. Your Good Thing (Is About To End) (Hayes)Porter 3.52
05. Get Funky (Rhodes) 4.45
06. Beware (Randle) 3.39
07. Out Of The Rain (White) 4.33
08. Stolen Affection (Hurt/Barnett) 3.52
09. A Fool In Love (Fraser/Miller) 3.24
10. I’ve Got Dreams To Remember (Rock/O.Redding/Z.Redding) 4.28