John Williams – El Diablo Suelto (Guitar Music Of Venezuela) (2003)

FrontCover1A new album release by guitarist John Williams is always cause for great anticipation, not only for another opportunity to marvel at his virtuosity, but also to experience music from unheralded areas of the repertoire. EL DIABLO SUELTO is a survey of the guitar music of Venezuela, a vibrant mixture of elements from the cultures of the indigenous Indians, Spanish colonists, and the Africans originally brought to the country as slaves.

Williams demonstrates a thorough understanding of the music’s heritage, and his commitment is evident in performances that are dynamic and incisive.

Williams’ remarkable technique allows him to easily negotiate the complexities of these JohnWilliamsintensely rhythmic pieces, but his keen musical intelligence renders these accounts more than exercises of technical expertise.

He skillfully wields a broad palette of tonal colors to express the rich harmonic language and beautiful melodies in works arranged by his mentor, the great Venezuelan guitarist Alirio Diaz. The program includes several duets with Alfonso Montes, a master of Venezuela’s national instrument, the cuatro. Williams has championed the music of Latin America throughout his career, and EL DIABLO SUELTO is another excellent showcase to be added to his illustrious discography. (by allmusiccom)

John Williams & Alfonso Montes

John Williams (guitar)
Alfonso Montes (cuatro on 07., 16., 24. + 25.)


01. Los Caujaritos, pasaje (Figueredo) 2.36
02. Totumo de Guarenas (Canonico) 1.37
03. Como llora una estrella, valse-canción (Carillo) 3.58
04. Seis por derecho (Lauro) 3.19
05. No me olvides, canción (Riera) 3.09
06. Las Perdices (López) 2.18
07. Alma llanera (Gutiérrez) 2.50
08. Salve (Sojo) 2.15

Five Pieces (Sojo):
09. Cántico 1.33
10. Cantemos, cantemos (Aguinaldo) 1.21
11. Si de noche ves que brillan (Canción) 1.32
12. Malhaya la cocina (Aire Venezolano) 0.57
13. Ave Maria !Que muchacho! (Galerón) 1.10

14. Quirpa Guatireña (Sojo) 1.56
15. Angostura (Lauro) 1.47
16. El diablo suelto (Fernandez) 2.19
17. Virgilio (Bambuco Tachirense) (Lauro) 2.36
18. Pasaje “Aragueño” (Lauro) 1.50
19. Que no te quiera más (Serenata) (Sojo) 2.25
20. Romanza (Lauro) 2.49
21.Priva Resuello (Pasaje) (Figueredo) 2.16
22. María Carolina (Lauro) 2.33
23. Vals Venezolano (Borges)
24. Nelly (Lauro) 2.21
25. El Marabino (Lauro)
26. Preludio de Adiós (Montes) 3.53