Jon Jarvis Trio (feat. Stéphane Grappelli) – Never Never Land (1997)

JonJarvisTrioFCA fine pianist with impressive classical technique who improvises quite creatively while keeping the melody in mind, Jon Jarvis is mostly featured in a drumless trio on Never Never Land with guitarist Anthony Weller and either Bob Nieske or Chris Rathbun on bass. Jarvis, like Erroll Garner, enjoys starting songs with abstract or humorous introductions having little to do with the song; check out his intro to “Georgia on My Mind.” He fills his improvisations with subtle surprises, works well with guitarist Weller, and keeps listeners guessing throughout the date. The great violinist Stephane Grappelli, who was 87 at the time, guests on “Louise” and “Body and Soul.” (by Scott Yanow)

This is an enigmatic yet pleasant CD. Jon Jarvis is a pianist of formidable chops who is just as happy lending a filigree accompaniment to his partners. At times, he alludes to musical impressionism, and also to minimalism in the spareness of his playing. His guitarist and bassist are both excellent. The trio’s largest accomplishment here is a 10 minute version of Georgia On My Mind, which shifts and turns evanescently. A prime incentive for getting this CD is the participation of Stephane Grappelli. His solos on Louise (Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise…) and Body and Soul sound as if they come from a deep well of tradition and inspiration. The sound of Grappelli’s violin dominates everything surrounding it. In sum, this is an intriguing album, very well engineered, that will appeal to the musically curious. It also is worth noting the haunting album photos from 1913, entitled Elf-Child. (by David Saemann)

Jon Jarvis (piano)
Bob Nieske (bass)
Anthony Weller (guitar)
Stephane Grappelli (violin on 06. + 14.)
Chris Rathbun (bass on 02., 08. +13.)

01. Prelude (Jarvis) 1.19
02. The Man I Love (Gershwin) 4.27
03. Never Never Land (Styne/Comden/Green) 4.07
04. After You´ve Gone (Creamer/KLayton) 4.01
05. Blues For S.G. (Jarvis/Nieske/Weller) 3.20
06. Louise (Robin/Whiting) 5.56
07. I´m Getting Sentimental Over You (Bassman/Washington) 6.ß6
08. Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 3.06
09. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Schwandt/Andree) 4.36
10. Georgia On My Mind (Carmichael/Gorrelli) 10.07
11. Sweet Loraine (Burwell/Parish) 2.50
12. Out Of Nowhere (Heyman/Green) 2.26
13. Try A Little Tenderness (Woods/Campbell/Connelly) 4.54
14. Body And Soul (Green/Heyman/Eyton/Sour) 7.36
15. Lullaby (Jarvis/Weller) 1.46