Mose Jones – Get Right (1973)

FrontCover1.JPGThe Band formed in 1972, with core members from the Florida band “Stonehenge”. The band name derived from jazz great “Mose Allison’ and a family dog named “Jones”. Initially the band was created with Clay Watkins on keys, then during the recording of their first album, replaced by long-time friend Steve McRay (keys and vocals), who had just returned from his stint with the US ARMY and serving in Vietnam.

In 1972 Mose Jones was the first band signed by Al Kooper for his startup Atlanta label “Sounds of the South” on MCA Records. Al’s “Blues Project” was chosen, and a band named “Elijah”. The last band signed was a little band from Jacksonville that had been playing in Atlanta – that band’s name was “Lynyrd Skynyrd”. (by

And here´s the first album of Mose Jones:

It’s a great quality rip, so thanks to whoever made this available. It’s quite a lovely record. First released on Al Kooper’s ‘Sounds Of The South’-label, this record was launched with the label, along with Skynyrd’s “Pronounced” album.


An important part of Southern Rock history, cause this is when Southern Rock started to become the kind of music that we know and love so well. When it became a big thing. Unfortunately Mose Jones never made it big, but it is a nice album. I prefer it to the “Mose Knows” album. It’s hippy-ish rock at times, but there’s some passionate singing going on. I quite enjoyed myself, listening to this album.  The song “Old Man trouble” features slide guitar by Lowell George, and is one of the better songs. Nothing bad about this.(by skydog)

This a real pretty good album … a forotten jewel in the history of Southern Rock


Bryan Cole (drums, vocals)
Randy Lewis (bass, vocals)
Steve McRay (keyboards, vocals)
Jimmy O’Neill (guitar, mellotron, vocals)
Lowell George (slide guitar on 04.)
Al Kooper (synthesizer on 03., background vocals)
Clay Watkins (organ on 10.)


01, Get Right (Kooper) 1.45
02 Here We Go Again (Cole/O’Neill) 4.26
03. Kiwi Stumble Boogie (O’Neill) 3.16
04. Ole Man Trouble (Jones) 7.08
05. What Kind Of Woman Would Do That (Kooper/O’Neill) 4.20
06. Barroom Sweeper (Cole/O’Neill) 3.13
07. It’s A Whole Lot Of Fun (Cole/O’Neill/Lewis) 2.31
08. Ode To Drugan (Nuttycombe/Lambert/Drugan) 4.49
09. All That I’ve Got (Preston) 3.07
10. Julia’s Beautiful Friend (Cole/O’Neill) 6.22
11. Get Right: Reprise (Kooper) 0.16